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Electricity TampaElectrical Troubleshooting

We have experienced every type of electrical problem imaginable. Even a minor problem could develop into a major problem if not taken care of. If you are having a problem, call Small Jobs Electric today at 813-968-5856.

What is Trouble Shooting?
Trouble shooting is the "detective work" involved in any electrical repair. We need every clue we can get to troubleshoot quickly and accurately. You can help us tremendously by giving us an accurate description of what the problem was, and also how and when the problem occurred. We test and examine your wiring of course, but first we listen to you, to find out exactly what you have experienced and why you have called us.

How long does Trouble Shooting generally take?
Trouble shooting a problem usually does not take very long. The average time is about 60 to 90 minutes. In many cases the solution to the problem is even easier than finding the problem. If we discover that the trouble shooting process will take additional time, we tell you before continuing.

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