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Any story about Small Jobs Electric begins with Tom Houle.

Tom was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. As a young adult, he joined the Air Force where he received his electrical training. He was stationed in sunny Florida and he couldn’t believe that it was actually possible to work outside during winter and enjoy it! Eventually, he returned home to Boston with his wife, Maria, and they started their family.

Although Tom loved working in the electrical trade, he found the winters very difficult. In addition, his mother-in-law lived in Tampa and Maria was longing to be closer to her. With the distance from family and the beckoning of the warm, tropical breezes of Florida it was time to make a move. In 1984 the Houles packed up their three kids and moved to Tampa. After a couple of years and some bumps in the road, Small Jobs Electric was born.

With the help of his wife, Maria, Tom slowly grew the business. At a very early age, their son Nathaniel decided he was going to be an electrician just like his dad. Tom would take Nathaniel with him on his jobs to meet his customers and teach him the trade. In fact, some of our earliest customers remember meeting Tom’s little son, Nathaniel. He would always tell his dad that someday, Small Jobs Electric would do BIG electrical jobs too.

Nathaniel, in time, attended Tampa Bay Technical High School where he received further training in the electrical field. After High School, he soon got his Master’s Electrical License and it was time to officially become part of the story about us. Nathaniel joined the Small Jobs Electric team full time, making the company TRULY family owned and operated.

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As the years passed by quickly, the business started to grow. Before long it was time to add to the Small Jobs Electric team. It was very important to add the right kind of technician though. Someone who is skilled, but teachable. Someone who is ethical and personable. Someone who is a listener but thinks outside the box. One by one, we found these technicians and added them to our family.

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About thirty-seven years have passed, now, since Tom first started Small Jobs Electric. Over the years, he met a lot of great homeowners and climbed into and out of many of the attics in the Tampa Bay area. Even though he still loved being an electrician, at 70 years old, it was getting a lot harder to get into those tight spaces. Last year, Tom officially hung up his tools and turned the company over to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel, along with the help of his wife, Carla, are determined to keep Small Jobs Electric a family company. At Small Jobs Electric, we appreciate our many loyal customers and the great team we have both in and out of the office. We, in turn, are happy to continue extending our family at Small Jobs Electric to help your family with your electrical projects and needs! Learn more about us by meeting our team.


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