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GFCI Receptacles and Breakers in Tampa

What Are They?

GFCI receptacles and breakers are a must when it comes to safety in the home. What are they? Well, GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. They ensure that if there is any short or overload during electricity consumption that the electricity will be interrupted to alert the home or business owner. Even more importantly, GFCI’s prevent electrical shock if the electrical current were to come into contact with water which would be a life-threatening event. In fact, it is an important upgrade to any home and is required for all new construction. By law, GFCI outlets would usually be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, near a sink, outdoors and in garages. This is because of the possibility of coming in contact with water in those locations.

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Safety a Must!

If your GFCI receptacles and breakers are tripping, you should be advised to call an electrician out as soon as possible. This would prevent any serious issues. When the GFCI trips this could indicate some serious electrical issues. Shorts or problems with GFCI’s could lead to fires. GFCI breakers could also help when flooding occurs, like during a hurricane. It would immediately interrupt the flow of electricity. Having a professional electrician out to fix any GFCI issue is a must!

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If your home needs GFCI receptacles or breakers installed or troubleshooting done, you should always call the experts at Small Jobs Electric ®. We can make sure that your home gets up to code to avoid any potential hazard in your home. We really believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Safety is always a priority! With over 30 years in the electrical business, Small Jobs Electric ® is the go to source to get your electrical right. Maybe you can take a moment to meet our electrical team here at Small Jobs Electric ® if you like.

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