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Improve Comfort, Appearance & Functionality With Outdoor Lighting

Brighten up your home’s exterior with landscape lighting from Small Jobs Electric ®! Whether you are looking to brighten your walkways with lighting, keep your home and family safe with security lighting, or simply add curb appeal to your home through:

  • Spot lighting
  • Post lighting
  • Flood lamps
  • Deck and patio lighting

Small Jobs Electric ® has all the right tools to brighten up your home’s exterior.

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What are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Your home can be a place that your pour your pride and joy into. With a fresh laid lawn, newly planted flowers and even a barbeque set up on your patio. The only thing missing is the proper lighting to highlight your gorgeous back yard. Landscape lighting is the best way to show off your great backyard as well as add safety to your home. Below we have 3 benefits on why landscape lighting is right for you.

  • Highlight Landscaping Decor – With outdoor lighting throughout your yard it can help highlight all the amazing features that you have added to your backyard. It can help guide people to your doorway and even over pathways. You can even use lights throughout your flower beds to help highlight the beautiful colors of each flower.
  • Increased Safety – Not only does landscape lighting help highlight the beauty of your backyard, it can also provide a safer living space for your family and friends. By adding lights to uneven walkways or even your driveway, it helps people to watch their step and not injure themselves. In addition, outdoor lighting can help deter crime from your home. Flood lights are a great addition to any home to brighten up areas that are normally well hidden.
  • Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space – Your living room is not the only place you can enjoy quality time with friends and family. By adding outdoor lighting to your outdoor living space, only enhances your enjoyment outside on the patio. Having meals during those nice summer evenings will only further improve the experience by having great ambient lighting. Contact our expert Tampa landscape lighting team for additional information.

What are the Functions of Lighting in Landscape?

When you request a landscape lighting service, you can expect an increased aesthetic to your home or building. Not only that, but this helps improve the security of your property, as this may deter people from walking by. Safety is also enhanced.

When you or your family members are outside late night, the landscape lighting will help people know where they are walking and prevent injuries or structural damage if moving things around.

Safety & Security

Landscape lighting around the exterior of your home can increase safety and security. Steps or curbs in the dark can be potential hazards. Downlighting can highlight many focal points on the exterior of your home, even at night. (Downlighting – lighting fixtures mounted high up in a tree or archway, and aimed downward for a soft lighting effect). (Uplighting-ground mounted lighting, pointed upwards at an object to highlight a key aspect of your landscape). There are many other techniques that can be used in the exterior lighting of your home. Small Jobs Electric’s ® technicians are experts in landscape lighting.

Proper Landscape Lighting Installation

Taking the guesswork out of your landscape lighting, Small Jobs Electric ® knows the local building codes. This can ensure your lighting is installed properly. This will not only increase curb appeal, and safety, but also the safety of your electrical work. Trust your landscape lighting to the experts. Enjoy the brilliance of your home, Small Jobs Electric ® helps provide.

Reports show that a well-lit home helps to deter crime, and discourages criminal trespassing. Regardless of where you live, well-designed, practical landscape lighting can help to extend the daylight hours for outdoor activities. Landscape lighting is a cost-effective way to add additional beauty and security to your home. The right lighting can also curb appeal or property value. These things are on the mind of every homeowner.

Whether looking to add additional exterior lighting to extend the evening hours of enjoyment, as a result adding additional security. Additionally complimenting your home’s décor, Small Jobs Electric ® can help. We assist you to not only design your landscape lighting but ensure that from the installation to the finished product, our experts complete the job correctly.

To ask our experts, and see how we can assist you in your landscape lighting needs please contact us today! We look forward to helping you brighten your life!

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