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Your backyard is your oasis and having a pool light can add or detract from that environment. This not only adds value but also excitement to your home. Most homeowners who have a pool know the importance and beauty of good lighting. Proper light installation is also very important. The truth is, upgrading your pool doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Little updates like plants, fresh paint, and most of all, beatiful lighting can be just enough to brighten it up and add value.

Nowadays, pool lights have evolved from being the traditional white light. They offer multiple colors and fun light shows in the water, which are sure to liven up any summer night or party that you have. If you have decided to have an installation completed or upgrade your current lighting, give Small Jobs Electric® a call. We bring you over three decades of experience providing safe, reliable pool electrical services. Our Tampa-based electrical experts are ready to take your yard to the next level.

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What Is a Pool Light?

Swimming pool lighting is recessed lighting fixtures encapsulated behind a large Plexiglas or acrylic-based cover with a metal ring that holds a tight seal so no water leaks in and shorts out the light. They were designed to illuminate the pool to enhance the ambiance of any nighttime swim or evening party with friends and family. Electricity and water don’t mix, so if your pool light is not working properly or does not turn on, please call Small Jobs Electric® to ensure the safety of your home.

Pool Light Types

You have a variety of options for pool lighting in Tampa. Whether you just want simple lights, bulbs that allow you to save onpool light energy, or a complete lighting system that is colorful and grand, Small Jobs Electric® has got you covered!

Some of the lights we install include:

  • Incandescent – The lighting technology of yesterday. While it is still effective and gets the job done at the most reasonable price, there are some other options that may outweigh the costs. An incandescent pool light is like watching a standard definition TV—while we still see the program, many other options can make it more vivid and enjoyable.
  • LED – This lighting is much more energy-efficient than the standard incandescent pool light. An LED is a small semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light. Since there is no filament, it produces less heat, thus saving electricity. An LED pool light provides a brighter light while using up to 85% less energy, resulting in a lower electric bill that we all can appreciate. LED pool lights can come in single or multi-color options.
  • RGB LED – This type of pool light will not only add visual appeal to your landscaping but also add cool light shows and color-changing effects controlled via remote. Today’s best color-changing LED pool lights feature numerous options from static colors to pre-programmed light shows that enhance your nighttime poolscape with vibrant colors. Choosing the right colors and effects of your pool light can be changed at any time, making this a fun new addition to your pool that everyone can enjoy.

Benefits of LED Pool Lights in Tampa

LED lights have pretty much replaced standard lighting over the years and for a good reason. The difference between incandescent (standard) lighting and LED lights is that the colors and visual quality are stronger, brighter, and not to mention, eco-friendly.

Small Jobs Electric® can install any lighting of your choosing with complete professionalism and ease. We make it our mission to provide the best service that we can with any electrical improvements you may have.

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