Restoring Electrical Service After Storm Damage

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Restoring Electrical Service After Storm Damage in Tampa Bay

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The need for restoring electrical service after a storm is not uncommon to Florida homeowners. High winds or lightning as a result of severe thunderstorms or tropical systems such as hurricanes often cause storm damage to the electrical service risers. This is due to the increased tension on the power lines or fallen trees or limbs that have cut off service to the home. Interrupted electrical service as a result of this requires immediate attention to restore service. However, homeowners often wonder who to call.

Even if you’re unsure who to call about restoring electrical service, it’s best to have a qualified electrician on the scene either way. Contact Small Jobs Electric® today at 813-968-5856.

Restoring Electrical Service — Who to Call?

When it comes to determining who to call to restore power to your home after storm or hurricane damage, a quick visual assessment might be a good idea. (Please note, however, that it’s important to stay away from any downed wires during visual inspections as they may be live). Some obvious things to look for are fallen trees or limbs that have disconnected electrical lines from the home. Additionally, look for any wires that appear to be disconnected from the home or a damaged weatherhead where the service enters the home.

restoring electrical serviceThe following parts are all the responsibility of the homeowner:

  • Drip loop
  • House knob
  • Riser cable
  • Meter can
  • Ground block
  • Ground rod
  • Entrance cable

That being said, if your neighbors are experiencing a blackout too, the issue would likely be with your utility company as they are responsible for the power pole and service line to the home. It should be noted, however, if any of the circumstances stated above are found, a visit from a qualified electrician would likely still be needed as the restoration of power will not resolve the issue.

Trusted for Restoring Electrical Service After Storm Damage in Tampa Bay

If you have determined that your loss of power is due to damaged electrical meter risers and you need your socket or service reattached, Small Jobs Electric® is the right company to choose. We have been servicing the Tampa Bay area and surrounding communities since 1986. Our electricians know how to get your electrical service up and running again quickly and safely. Our Service in a Flash® guarantee ensures speedy attention to your needs by qualified professionals.

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