Choosing Ceiling Fans

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Aug 22, 2017 | Ceiling Fans

If you are thinking about ways to beat the summer heat, you have probably been considering investing in a ceiling fan or two. If so, you may be wondering what to look for when shopping for one. The following is a few guidelines that will help you in choosing the right ceiling fan.

The Four Important Considerations in Choosing Ceiling Fans


When choosing ceiling fans, it is important consider the area you would like to install the fan. It is not recommended to use indoor fans in exterior areas. Indoor ceiling fans weren’t designed to handle the moisture and other elements like their counterparts made for outdoor use. Be sure to check the box to make sure it was designed for the area you intend to have the ceiling fan installed in.


The size of the ceiling fan would be determined by the length of the longest wall in the room where you will install the ceiling fan. So, for example, the following wall lengths would call for the subsequent sized ceiling fans:

  • 10′ wall – 30” to 32” fan
  • 12′ wall – 36” to 42” fan
  • 14+ wall – 52” fan


When shopping for a ceiling fan, you should also consider the height of the room. If the room is relatively low, you should purchase a “hugger” ceiling fan. Standard height and taller would call for traditional fans and either a regular down rod or extended down rods for vaulted or high ceilings. Your electrician can be of assistance in this area.


Last but not least, quality is essential! This doesn’t mean the most expensive, mind you, but you should definitely consider the power of the motor and pitch of the fan. If the motor isn’t strong enough, the fan will not have the power to move blades with greater pitch which is the key to moving air and thus KEEPING COOL! In reality, buying ceiling fans with a good reputation is always a good idea. What brands have the best reputation? You may have a brand of ceiling fans that you prefer. Our experience working with a variety of ceiling fans has helped us to evaluate ceiling fans over the years. Some of the brands that we have determined to be of superior quality are listed below:

Minka Aire

Now you are ready to shop! But, if for some reason you still aren’t sure what to buy you can always ask your electrician.