Symptoms of An Old Electrical Panel

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Jul 26, 2018 | Electrical Panels

So, what are the classic symptoms of an old electrical panel? Well, as mentioned above, flickering lights is an indicator that a system is overloaded, if not old. But to see if a breaker box is old, check out the list below:

  • You Have a Fuse Box – While they may still be functioning, there is an increased risk of fires and electrocution. As these are definitely aging systems the sooner you can replace them the better. Before you have a serious electrical issue.
  • Burning Smells at Electrical Panel – Any burning smells coming from a fuse box or electrical panel should not be ignored! These indicate a failure in the system and is a clear precursor to an electrical fire. Call an electrician immediately to have the issue resolved. Any delay could be disastrous.
  • Tripping Circuits – While circuits may trip on occasion due to power surges or other electrical issues, frequent tripping breakers could indicate that the electrical panel is aging and in desperate need of attention.
  • Inability to Reset Circuits – If you are unable to reset the breaker in the electrical panel the chances that your electrical panel needs attention is pretty high.

Don’t Ignore the Warnings!

At Small Jobs Electric, we strongly recommend homeowners to not ignore the signs and symptoms of an old electrical panel. Be sure to address these issues as soon as you notice them so you can avoid the bigger problems that will arise. Our professionals at Small Jobs Electric are ready to get your panel up to code and working safely. Give us a call today!