24-Hour Panel Replacement Guarantee

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Our 24-Hour Call To Panel Replacement Guarantee

If you have experienced a fire or some other failure in your electrical panel, you are likely without power and anxious to get your electricity up and running again. When you need an emergency panel replacement, there is nothing like waiting in the dark until there is someone available to replace your panel. At Small Jobs Electric ®, we understand the importance of helping our customers resolve their electrical panel replacement issues as soon as reasonably possible. That is why we are offering our 24-Hour Panel Replacement or $100 off your service guarantee. That’s right! We’ll put money on it!

Panel Replacement Before 

making an emergency panel replacement
Panel Replacement After

Our company received a call during the Holidays at 6 p.m. Four households were affected by this panel emergency. No need to worry! Our team had the service replaced by 1:30 a.m. One rescue story among many!

How Our Panel Replacement Guarantee Works

If you have had an electrical panel emergency and are in need of a panel replacement, we will provide an available appointment as soon as possible. If there are no available appointments during that time, we will schedule you for the next available appointment and provide you with $100 off of your scheduled panel replacement. This is only based on our appointment availability. If the customer is not available for the appointments provided within the professional window, then no discount will be provided.

The 24 Hour Guarantee will begin from the initial call. This means that only calls received will qualify for this offer. The 24 Hour Guarantee must be mentioned at the initial call. No contact forms will qualify at this time. This guarantee is also not applicable for panel or service upgrades as that is a different service.

In addition, we can only extend the 24 Hour Guarantee to Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties at this time. This is in no way a slight to Pasco County but is due to additional permitting needed locally to complete these panel replacements. We are still pleased to offer our services to our customers in Pasco County and will continue to prioritize your panel replacement but regret that we are unable to provide a 24 Hour Guarantee at this time.

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We’ve Got Your Back!

Bottom line… We want you to know that we are prioritizing your panel emergencies. Here at Small Jobs Electric ®, we are happy to provide you with the service you need, at the time you need it. Before you know it, your electricity will be back on and your electrical panel will be as good as new. No worries though, we will make sure that quality and professionalism do not suffer.

Oh! And don’t let our name deceive you, we keep our vans fully stocked and ready to assist you with your electrical panel emergency or any other electrical emergency 7 days a week. You can count on Small Jobs Electric ® to provide you with the best Service in a Flash ® and guarantee it too!