Generator Transfer Switch Installation

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Generator Transfer Switch Installation

If you are thinking of installing a portable generator in your home, you should definitely plan on a generator transfer switch installation as well. This is very important when installing a generator. Why? What is it? And what sort of transfer switch would you need? Put simply, a generator transfer switch prevents power from going back on the utility lines. This is very important when it comes to safety. It is required by law when you install a generator.

If you do not have a transfer switch on your generator and there is a loss of power, then electrical energy can be transferred back to the utility lines. This electrical back current could cause the utility workers to get electrocuted and the homeowner would be liable. A generator transfer switch would prevent that from happening. It would also prevent overload on the generator. A wise investment, indeed!

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Automatic or Manual Generator Transfer Switch?

Homeowners can choose between an automatic transfer switch or a manual transfer switch. If you choose an automatic transfergenerator transfer switch switch, the generator would automatically kick in once there is a loss of power. On the other hand, if you prefer to choose when your generator would turn on, you could choose a manual transfer switch to the generator.

Depending on the existing panel, the switch could be attached either to the panel directly or next to it. Either way, your house transfer switch installation will insure safe and worry-free use during an emergency. Transfer switches can also be set up to run just the critical circuits in a home to ensure proper use of generator sourced electricity during power outages.

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