Electrical Short Circuits – What are They? Why it Matters

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Electrical Short Circuits – What are They? Why it Matters

If you have been experiencing short circuits in your home and would like to understand the causes of such occurrences, you have come to the right place. Electrical short circuiting can be a huge inconvenience and, more importantly, a dangerous issue if not addressed.

What Is An Electrical Short Anyways?

An electrical short occurs when electricity flows through an unintended path, rather than following its intended circuit. So, what are the causes for a divergence of electricity? Let’s find out now.

Causes of Short Circuits

Short circuits can happen in a home for a variety of reasons. These include the following:

1. Damaged wiring: If the wires in a home’s electrical system are damaged, frayed, or otherwise compromised, they may become prone to electrical shorts. This is because two circuits of electricity can come into contact causing failures in the electrical system.

2. Loose connections: If a connection between two wires or components is not secure, electricity may “leak” and create a short circuit. That “leak” of electrical current can cause you to use electricity even when you aren’t actually using any electrical devices. This could be reflected in your monthly electricity bill.

3. Overloaded circuits: If a circuit is overloaded with too many appliances or devices, it can cause a short circuit as the wires become overloaded and unable to safely handle the electrical current. This could even compromise the installation on the wiring and lead to other issues.

4. Water damage: Water and electricity do not mix well, and if water comes into contact with electrical wiring, it can cause a short circuit. This can happen if a home’s electrical system is exposed to water due to flooding, plumbing leaks, or other causes. This can be a very dangerous situation since the water in contact with the electrical source could cause electrical shock as well.

4. Improper installation: If a home’s electrical system is not installed correctly, it can increase the risk of electrical shorts. This can happen if wires are not connected properly, or if components are not properly grounded. Also, if the wrong wiring or rigged equipment is attached, catastrophic failure could occur.

Why Electrical Shorts Shouldn’t Be Ignored

As you can see, electrical shorts can be dangerous and should not be ignored. They can cause fires, damage to appliances and electronics, and can even result in injury or death. It is important to have a home’s electrical system inspected regularly and to address any issues as soon as they are discovered to prevent electrical shorts.

Be sure to contact a licensed electrician to get your shorts addressed before it escalates into a bigger issue!