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May 18, 2018 | Electrical

When you have an electrical emergency, do you need an electrician or an Electric Utility Company? That is a good question! Unless it is a neighborhood outage or streetlight issue you will often need to call both the utility company AND an electrician. To be clear, you should call the utility company under the following circumstance:

  • There are electrical wires down
  • Electrical equipment is arcing
  • Power outages
  • Streetlight Outages
  • Partial power outages
  • Dim or flickering lights

Step 1

As a courtesy, we have included links to the local power companies here:

Withalacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Pasco County)

Duke Energy (Pinellas County)

Step 2

Calling an electrician would be the second course of action. This is because many of these issues also require an electrician to disconnect and fix the service at the house or correct a major electrical issue inside of the home. You don’t want to wait for the utility company to arrive until you figure out you need an electrician too! That can make for a long day or night.

Small Jobs Electric ® – Always Available

We know that you can’t wait around for business hours to take care of emergency electrical issues. At Small Jobs Electric ®, we are always on call and ready to help. With our guarantee of Service in a Flash ®, you can be certain that the electrical emergency will be handled quickly and expertly. If you still aren’t sure if you need an electrician or electric utility company. Call the utility company first, then give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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