Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

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You never know when you’ll need a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, but if and when you do need one, it helps you rest easier knowing that it will work when called upon. Fortunately, you can now tie your detectors into your home’s electrical system, so that the batteries only serve as a backup fail-safe, and not the power supply. If you’d like to rest easy about the state of your detectors in the Tampa Bay area, call the smoke and carbon monoxide detector experts at Small Jobs Electric.

Advantages of a Small Jobs Electric Alarm System

  • Reliable Power Supply — No more wondering about the state of the batteries in your alarm, or having to change them in the middle of the night. With a Small Jobs Electric system, the batteries are only there in case the power goes out.
  • Linked Alarms — All of the alarms sound off when one of them is triggered in a linked system.

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The Right Choice for Security Lighting

  • Family Owned & Operated — Because we’re family-owned, we can focus solely on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • “Electrical Supply House on Wheels” — Our alarm lighting experts arrive at your home in a fully stocked electrical van, which means that we can usually complete the entire installation in just one visit.
  • Safety — Small Jobs Electric only hires electricians that we would want working on our own home, so you can trust our drug-tested and background-checked staff in your home.
  • Experience — We’ve been installing alarms in Tampa Bay area homes since 1986, so you can count on our team to know just what to do.

Call Small Jobs Electric Today and Rest Easy

Smoke and carbon monoxide are hidden dangers that cause hundreds of deaths in the U.S. each year, but you can protect your family with a good alarm system. Call Small Jobs Electric today to discuss installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.