Which Way Should My Ceiling Fan Spin? And Why It’s Important

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Aug 8, 2017 | Ceiling Fans

Hopefully, this will jog some of the reader’s memories of their parents or grandparents doing this. However, I was one that was confused by the whole process and reasoning behind changing your ceiling fan direction. I didn’t understand the importance and money-saving reasons behind changing your ceiling fan direction. I’ve put together a little treat for you today and hope you start utilizing the fan directional change in your homes.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Heat rises and Cool air sinks”? Of course, you have! Changing your ceiling fan direction is a crucial tip for any homeowner. It’s also a money-saving tip on the most expensive unit in our home, the air conditioning unit.

Which Direction Should A Ceiling Fan Turn?

For the summer the fan should turn counterclockwise (left). In the winter since heat rises, we turn the fan’s direction to clockwise (right). Since most of us are visual learners, I have included some images that show exactly what I am trying to say. To identify which direction the fan is turning, stand directly underneath and watch which direction the blades begin to spin when turning the fan on.

How To Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Some ceilings fans have controls integrated into their remote or wall-mounted control to allow you to change the direction of the ceiling fan. This makes changing the direction as simple as pressing a button:

  • Press the forward button to set your ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise for the summer.
  • Press the reverse button to set your fan to spin clockwise for the fall and winter.
  • If your fan is not a newer model then you can find your switch on the fan itself directly under the blades on the base. You’ll probably need a ladder for this so please always be careful and have a spotter to help.

Here’s another quick tip, just like Daylight Saving Time “Spring Forward, Fall Back” if you can remember that changing your ceiling fan direction is a no brainer. Don’t forget to adjust your thermostat in order to save money and energy.

To learn more about the importance of ceiling fan direction, reach out to the expert electricians at Small Jobs Electric.